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[Photograph 1 – Jeff Dudgeon at election count December 2019 c. bobbie hanvey]

Welcome to the website of Jeffrey Dudgeon MBE, gay rights campaigner, 1981 Strasbourg case victor, Belfast City Councillor for the Ulster Unionist Party, human rights activist, Irish historical writer and controversialist; involved in Northern Ireland and UK politics from the 1960s.

Author of Roger Casement – The Black Diaries, with a Study of his Background, Sexuality, and Irish Political Life (3rd edition, 2019), and of H. Montgomery Hyde – Ulster Unionist MP, Gay Law Reform Campaigner and Prodigious Author (2018). Editor of Roger Casement’s German Diary 1914-1916 including ‘A Last Page’ and associated correspondence (2016), and Legacy: What to do about the Past in Northern Ireland? (2018).

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